Certified Secure


No Malware or Malicious Links

Sites that contain code to install on a website visitor's computer and transmit users' private or sensitive information.

Not Google Blacklisted

Sites on this list are determined to be malicious by Google and are blocked from Google's search results.

Not a Phishing Site

Phishing sites pretend to be legitimate while trying to trick users into typing in their username and password.

Not an Attack Site

Hackers create attack sites to intentionally host and distribute malicious software.

Not a Compromised Site

Compromised sites are legitimate sites that are hacked to include content from attack sites.


This site has successfully met the requirements and standards set by TrustedSite to display the TrustedSite trustmarks.

TrustedSite independently validates and monitors the security and legitimacy of the sites it certifies.

Look for the TrustedSite verified & secure seal whenever you shop online, and browse with confidence.

What does it means for you

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