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Arabian Night - The Perfect Gift for Children

London UK, Friday 10th December 2017 – The UK publishing company Stergiou has announced the first volume in the series of 417 World Children Stories containing famous tales from children from all around the globe in their children's publications. The new book is a beautifully written children's story, and is available in audiobook, making it the perfect gift for a child.

Arabian Nights is the first in a collection which has been decades in the making. The author has grouped 33 famous Arabian children’s stories, myths, folktales, and legends, approaching them and re-telling them in his own words and adding his opinion.

The author, Patrick Healy, is a teacher who has travelled around the world talking with people from places near and far to gain insight into the folklore of different cultures, which he shares with us in these fascinating volumes. Patrick is an Australian and has lived and worked in Hong Kong for over 25 years. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia, and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin fluently, enabling him to understand the history and culture behind the tales while adding his spin.

Arabian Nights is only the start of the journey that will take us to places as far and wide as India, Japan, and Poland, with myths from Native Americans and Nordics, while allowing us to lose ourselves in a world of mysticism and fantasy.

This book is written to suit children of varying ages. The text can be read by older children whereas younger children can enjoy it being read to them. The narration is accompanied by stunning sound effects and music.

Stergiou Announces The Launch Of An Encapsulating Children's Story In Time For Christmas Season

London UK, Tuesday 18th November 2017 – A popular UK publishing company has announced the newest addition to their children publications. The new book is a beautifully written children's Christmas story and is available in print, eBook, and audiobook editions, making the perfect gift for a child in readiness for Christmas.

Stergiou is excited to launch their newest edition of the children's story entitled 'Christmas in the Forest' which is written by Edward Alan Kurtz and tells the tale of how a village full of people are looking to find a special tree to decorate at Christmas. They find the perfect tree in the middle of a nearby forest, but unfortunately, the tree is inhabited by several animals, who become main characters in the story. Children follow the touching story of how the animals fight to save their habitat whilst helping the neighbouring village folk to have the happy Christmas they are looking for.

Stergiou becomes a Publisher Member of the Audio Publishers Association

(London, 31/1/2017) Stergiou Limited joined the Audio Publishers Association (APA) as a Publisher Member on January 31, 2017.

The APA, established in 1987, is the only organization dedicated to serving the needs of audio publishers, allied retailers, suppliers, voice talent and industry professionals to increase the awareness and usage of audiobooks.

Stergiou Limited, established in 2012, is a fast-growing and media integrated publishing house based in London. After a successful start in digital and print editions, Stergiou entered the music industry and the expanding audiobook market in early 2013.

Stergiou has produced its own audio titles with famous music composers, actors, and narrators through Amazon’s ACX, and all titles have been distributed exclusively through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes since 2016. City's Reload distinguished Stergiou as one of the most promising startups in the publishing sector in 2012.

Its membership with the APA establishes Stergiou Limited as a reputable and active member of the media industry among 30 audio publishers worldwide.

Since 2012, Stergiou Limited has published over 100 titles in three languages (English, Greek, and French), and has helped dozens of self-publishers and independent publishers to publish and distribute their works worldwide in print, digital and audiobook editions.

Stergiou is also a member of the Publishers Association in the UK which is a member of the Federation of the European Publishers.

Stergiou offers dedicated and state-of-the-art publishing services to businesses and consumers along with consultancy in publishing, media, and book sales to retailers.

Stergiou envisions its services and platform as a common space where readers can meet the writers. To advance this concept, Stergiou collaborates with high technology startups. Currently, Stergiou is developing an innovative content management system by adopting artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms in predictive analytics and modeling. More details in this field will be announced in due course.

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Self-publisher Thalis Coutoupis presented his book at Ianos bookstores

(2016) Who said that self-publishers are suffering from lack of publicity and marketing? Certainly not with Stergiou publications.

The reputable author and communication specialist, Thalis P. Coutoupis, successfully presented his book “Ta Endeka Defterolepta” at Ianos bookstores in the center of Athens last week. More than 200 people attended the event in which politicians Dora Bakoyiannis (former minister of Foreign Affairs) and Theodoros Pangalos (former vice-president of the government) were among the VIPs who had been invited for the presentation. Also, the artist and film director Tatiana Ligari narrated a part of the book.

In less than three months from the first date of the publication of his book, Thalis achieved selling more than 200 copies at the price of 25 euros in Greece, and he reached his audience globally as his title is available in print and digital (eBook) in more than 80,000 retailers and libraries worldwide. He also made a successful presentation in his home, Greece, at one of the most significant bookstores of the country. This may be the most significant step of Thalis to reach his readers because his book is written in the Greek language. Also, its theme regards Greece. It is a historical autobiography that presents the modern economic, politic, and social history of Greece in the last 60 years.

At Stergiou, we support our authors from their first step and continuously. Here, there is no final step. Regardless if a title is of our own publication or of an independent author, we follow the same process and provide the same quality in all steps. Professionalism and high quality from the production to marketing and after-sales service are the big difference between the traditional publishers and many self-publishers.

Here, at Stergiou Limited, there is no difference. One of our competitive differences is that we advise the authors step by step. We manually review his manuscript and recommend corrections and reviews in the grammar and the structure of the text. We apply many rounds of editing and encourage the authors to share their manuscripts with other reviewers and friends. After many rounds of improvements, we undertake to create a unique design that will promote the content. Our awarded designers work on the cover and back page of the book, the colours, and the interior design and typography. Our digital specialist converts the book into fully compatible eBook formats that meet the industry standards and become available worldwide through Amazon, Ingram, Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc.

The publication date and the first on-sale date are only the start of a long journey. The preparations for the journey start a long time before, from the moment we share data with the authors regarding the new trends in the industry and how to communicate about a title before publication. We  advise the authors about our marketing strategy. The publication date starts a new round of communications: press releases, newsletters, social media, presentations, etc. We love our authors and this job. We enjoy working with independent authors to reach their dreams, seeing their titles sold and distinguished for their uniqueness.

Self-publishing is a risk, but the potential earnings are high. With Stergiou the risks are reduced, and the probabilities of success increase sharply. 

Three of our books finalists in China’s cookbook awards

(2015) After winning world awards in 2015, our cooking and healthy diet books became known in China.

Gourmand Awards informed us that three of our titles are finalists in the event that will take place in China on May 29. They are the French and the English-speaking editions of the cookbook “A Taste of Greece” by the world-renowned chef Eirini Togia (known as ‘Rena tis Ftelias’) and the English edition of “The Four Forgotten Flavour Diet” by Elias Kefalidis. The results will be announced on May 28 for Wine and Drinks books and on May 29 for Cookbooks and Food Culture.

It will be in the same place as last year's event, making for another extraordinary and fabulous week in Yantai Wine Bay, by the beach. The event brings together the top professionals in the sector. There will be Chinese and international publishers, authors, journalists, and distributors. Besides the awards events, they will have four days of conferences, presentations, tastings, exhibitions, and shows—for business and pleasure. There will be tourism options and banquets for one week, including the four professional days.

With so many people from all over the world bringing so much energy and new ideas, Stergiou publications and our authors will have the opportunity to make many new friends in new markets.

Eirini Togia awarded as the Best Woman Chef in Greece in 2015

Gourmand International announced the winners by countries for the Gourmand World Awards 2015.

I'd like to share with you the winners for Greece:

A04 - WOMAN CHEF: Rena tis Ftelias, Eini Togia, Photos: Vangelis Patarakis (Createspace-Stergiou Limited) 

A06 - SPECIAL AWARD: Chocolate, Alexia Alexiadou (Alba Editions)

A08 - TV EUROPE: Hellada Mou, Argyro Barbarygou (Ouranos Media)

B12 - BEST TRANSLATION: Rituals of Hospitality, Flavia Nessi, Myrta Hatzaki, Foreword: Orhan Pamuk (Melissa)

B16 - BESTSELLERS: Vefa Alexiadou (Vefa Alexiadou)

C04 - BEST ITALIAN CUISINE: À Tavola The art of authentic Italian cuisine in 234 recipes, Luciana Cremonini Logara, Photo: Panos Logaras, Nikoletta Koliandri (Patakis)

D03 - CHILDREN FOOD BOOKS: O Grystroulis kai Oi o, ti Nanos, Maria Politou, Illustrations: Tania Karakotta (Fylatos)

D06 - CULINARY TRAVEL: Athens Special The tour, Vassilis Kallidis Photo: Ioanna Roufopoulou, Alexandros Ioannidis (Patakis)

E01 - EASY RECIPES: You’ll never say again” Mum, I’m hungry!” Easy recipes for beginners, Tassos Antoniou Photo: Tassos Antoniou, Daniel Zawarczynski (Patakis)

Available in the English and the Greek languages.

Greek: Book, eBook, music soundtrack by David J. Franco.

English: Book, eBook, audiobook, music soundtrack

Established UK Publisher Adds Critically Acclaimed Novel To An Ever Expanding Portfolio Of Though-Provoking Novels

London UK, Tuesday 4th December 2013 – A London based publishing company has released the latest addition to their broad range of successful novels and is looking forward to the release becoming a best seller for 2013. The third edition since its inception, the publisher is excited to announce this as the first edition to be released in English.

Stergiou Limited has announced the release of their latest publication 'The Rocks' which is described as a timeless hymn for people, passion, and love. Originally written in 1970 and first published in the same year, the novel is a romantic story full of love, passion, desire, tragedy and greek mythical allegory.

"I was struck by the persistent exploration of the part of the hero the truth in life. The search of love, even though it always brings back the feeling of death. After all love is immortal and the dynamic coordinates, the cross-checking balances give meaning to life and its duration in perpetuity. I really liked the symbolism of rocks. I would like to shake your hand. Above all because from your first page until the last you remain faithful entirely to an your own attitude, without concessions" 

— Takis Chatzianagnostou (established writer).

The novel takes the reader through the memories of a university professor and his past love, which ended in tragedy and subsequently crafted the path for his future. The novel has been written to appeal to all who appreciate the opportunity to become immersed in a meaningful allegorical journey, built on foundations of love and passion. Throughout the novel, lyricism and symbolism is a highly charged driver which carries the plot and storyline forward and subsequently keeps the reader intrigued as the story progresses.

Fictional Ebook Publisher 'Stergiou Ltd' Launches An Exciting New Historical Children's Book Entitled 'Max And The Map'

London, UK, Thursday, July 25th, 2013 – Ebook publisher Stergiou Ltd has added the historically themed children's book 'Max and the Map' to their exciting collection of fictional eBooks. The book is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11 but its interesting and carefully researched plot line could appeal to all ages.

The story of 'Max and the Map' is centered around a young boy, Max, and his two best friends, Kathy and Brad. The story begins with Max finding an old book at the library. At first he is unaware of its significance, but later on, he discovers that it is full of old maps. Max shares his discovery with his two close friends and upon touching one of the book's maps, they are all suddenly transported to the Mediterranean Sea during the time of ancient Greece. The three begin an exciting adventure which turns out to be a journey that a very famous character has embarked on himself, Homer's Odysseus.

“Join Max and his two best friends, Kathy and Brad on an adventure of a lifetime. They touch an old mysterious map, and suddenly they are transported to the Mediterranean Sea and to the time of ancient Greece. Little do they know that they are following in the footsteps of another great traveler, Homer's Odysseus. How will they get back home to Ithaca, NY?”

The eBook 'Max and the Map' is full of thrilling twists and turns for the reader. It contains fifteen chapters in total, all with curious titles to interest the reader. The book's literary features have been carefully researched and allow children to easily delve into the world of ancient Greece, as well as learn about a very famous epic poem.

'Max and the Map' was written by American writer, Edward Alan Kurtz, a well-traveled author who has already written a variety of travel books. He spent many years living in Hawaii and now lives and writes in Thailand. As well as writing for the travel genre, the author has created many children's books, both fiction and nonfiction. His travels have given him great inspiration, especially for his stories.

'Max and The Map' has been published by Stergiou Ltd, who currently offer a variety of fictional eBooks, spanning a wide range of different genres and age groups. 'Max and The Map' is available in print, eBook, and audiobook edition.

Acclaimed Publisher Stergiou Announces 'Soul Stories'

London, UK, Thursday, July 25th, 2013 – Experience publisher Stergiou Ltd is excited to add a new book to their collection called 'Soul Stories'. The book contains true-life events of people's experiences, from around the world, told in an emotive and philosophical light. This book is perhaps the most diverse of all of his current ebooks.

Written by, Zenaida Cubbinz, Soul Stories is a collection of emotive life accounts, told in detail, for the reader to both enjoy and ponder over. Each account questions the motives behind people's actions, such as love, culture and power. The author discusses such motives within each account, giving her own frank ideas and opinions. By reading them, people are given a channel through which they can question their own experiences and beliefs.

The title 'Soul' reflects how alive the stories within the book are and makes it clear that their aim is to touch the souls of others. The style of the book is open and honest, free of censorship. The author uses rhetorical questions throughout to give the reader a chance to consider their own opinions and thoughts on what has been written.

The author of Soul Stories, Zenaida Cubbinz, uses her travel experiences as inspiration for her writing, as the different stories within the book take place in a variety of countries.  She has experience in teaching English to students from different cultures and backgrounds. Zenaida Cubbinz has previously written a book of poetry entitled 'Straight from the Heart,' with her poetry reflecting her own life journey.

The book, Soul Stories, has been published by Stergiou Ltd in print and eBook editions.

Book and ebook in the English and Greek language.

UK Publisher Extend Their Offerings With A Practical Guide To Coping In The Global Financial Crisis

London UK, Monday 28th October 2013 – A London based digital publishing company has recently announced a brand new addition to their range of ever growing publications currently on offer through their web-store. In contrast to the existing genres found in the collections of Stergiou Limited, the new arrival is the first 'guide' based publication to be added.

The brand new release, aptly entitled '282 Simple Ways to Face the Financial Crisis' is a self-help guide aimed towards everyday people living normal lives. The author has specifically tailored the book to focus in on three primary areas; reducing expenses, increasing income and finally, safeguarding of existing property. In doing so, the 282 approaches contained within are understandable, relevant and also achievable for everyone.

Unlike may other self-help 'economic crisis' guides, the author Thalis P. Coutoupis states clearly from the outset that its contents are not based on philosophy, market analysis or magical solutions, but instead focus on positive, results-driven actions which are rooted in the world of common sense. To ensure the reader can easily access the relevant chapters, there is an in-depth and comprehensive contents area at the outset, which means the reader doesn't have to read the book in its entirety before making use of the strategies.

“I am not a politician, I am not a financier, I just have common sense. Whilst I can't change the economic situation we find ourselves in, through this book I can help everyday people realise the things they can do to better cope with it” - Thalis P. Coutoupis

'282 Simple Ways to Face the Financial Crisis' has been published by Stergiou Limited and is available in print and eBook editions.

Stergiou Announces The Launch Of A New Genre, Aimed At The Adult Comedy Market

London UK, Monday 30th September 2013 – A popular London based publishing company, acclaimed for their modern and thought-provoking publications, has announced the launch of a new genre following a collaboration with the author of a new sex comedy.

Branching out to a new genre, Stergiou Limited has recently published 'Sex Comedy' by Christian Anthony for their online audience. Christian Anthony is a popular stand-up comedian who has taken to writing, following his success on stage. His passion for joviality and irony is a clear theme running through the book.

'Sex Comedy' consists of ten short stories, all with a heavily sexual theme but written playfully, with a hint of irony and humor. Every story takes on a modern day scenario, with realistic characters, which tantalizingly unfolds into a hot and thrilling sexual adventure. Despite their strongly adult content, the stories appeal to a much wider audience than those looking for literary porn: the comedy element keeps everything fresh and jocular without losing the arousing lure the book has on its readers.

Being a collection of short stories makes Sex Comedy an ideal read for anyone looking for a light-hearted break from reality, sending them into a fantasy world. Christian Anthony cleverly interweaves his stream of humor into each of his stories, without spoiling the sense of sensual escapism for his readers.

'Sex Comedy' has been published by Stergiou Limited, that has previously published a variety of fictional eBooks, spanning a wide range of different genres.