Why Us

At Stergiou Books Limited, we are passionate about books. Books represent ideas—the freedom of expression. Books allow opinions and knowledge to overcome any geographical or cultural boundaries. They make it possible for past generations to contact future ones.

So what inspires us is people's need to express their ideas, to reach each other despite all boundaries—geographical, time, cultural, and others.

We adopt a business model of a few highly expert in-house staff, outsourcing depending on the emerging needs and projects. In the beginning, we focused on print books and various publications offline and online. Over the years, we earned a reputation for quality, consistency, integrated services, and overall professionalism. This paved the way for the development of a very extensive global network of partnerships and collaborations.

Reading the market trends, we have gradually engaged in the production of eBooks. At the same time, we have been exploring the market of self-publishing. These two activities, combined with our experience in traditional book publication and communication, integrated services, and global approach, have grown into a unique competitive advantage.

Our aim is to catch up to the market trends in self-publishing by providing high-quality publications at the lowest price.

We plan to achieve this goal by developing an innovative tool that will be the convergence of self-publishing services with traditional publishing services.

At this stage, we offer a web-based step-by-step tutorial that provides perfect service and guidance to every self-publishing author through a simple and fully automated question and answer process.

This process assists less experienced writers with understanding the significant issues regarding the publication and selling of a title. At the same time, it will help our staff understand the areas for which authors would consider professional support to help them avoid obvious and costly mistakes.

This tool is being developed by our team and continually updated with the industry’s experience, trends, sales figures, success and failure cases, and best practices.

This innovation aims to enhance the quality of self-publications and increase the total added value of our company and the industry.

Self-publishing is growing mainly due to lower prices, and a bigger number of titles enter the market every year. But the substantial advantage of traditional publishers remains the quality and professionalism at all levels.

Our procedure aims to “correct” the major problems of self-publishing at the lowest cost and with maximum exposure to target markets.

Put simply, this means that we alone can help anyone of any age, gender, or country publish a book or eBook just by sending us an e-mail. And as soon as it is published, we can get this book or eBook in the most prestigious physical and online stores globally